A Problem Of Nutrient Density
Over the past century the quality of our food has gradually changed from home grown, nutrient dense organic vegetables to the nutrient poor fast foods and factory made produce of today

Over this same period the incidence of metabolic disease has increased dramatically  together with the rise in synthetic treatment drugs

To understand how a decline in nutrient density of foods can be responsible for the deterioration of our health, it is necessary to understand how nutrients function in the body

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The Modern Solution
Shortages in our food supply can be overcome by taking Medicatrix Naturae supplements that use a nutrient dense superfood base* as only filler

The superfood base provides nutrients at similar levels to organic foods and replaces micro-nutrients that have been removed from our diet.

Regular intake of Medicatrix Naturae supplements will gradually restore blood nutrient levels and help alleviate disease

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*superfood base = proprietary blend of alfalfa, barley grass, chlorella, kelp, spirulina and wheat grass